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Meet Greg Sarff

Arborlife’s owner/operator is Greg Sarff. He was born in Moscow, Idaho, and began his career in arboriculture in 2006. After working in this region for three years, he traveled coast to coast. From the old deciduous trees of Virginia to the coniferous giants of Oregon. Greg is now back home and excited to share what he has learned about plant healthcare and tree service with this community.

If you have a concern of just want to know more about the trees in your landscape, give Arborlife a call. Greg will be happy to take a look.

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Arborist Solutions

Greg was self employed for five years, working as a contract climber for larger companies, and is now back in Moscow to establish a business of his own, Arborlife. With a broad amount of experience, Arborlife is prepared to handle any tree dilemma that you may have, and can help to avoid them through proper establishment and service. Although formative pruning of younger trees is Greg’s favorite part about arboriculture, Arborlife offers many services involved with the establishment, training, maintenance, and removal of trees and shrubs.

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